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January 23rd to 28th 2015, in Lyon (France), with Dominic Barter

Walking toward conflict: Restorative Circles and Systems

A practice of restorative justice

We are very happy to announce that Dominic Barter will be coming to Lyon

for an interactive presentation evening, a two-day introductory event and a three-day

deepening event of Restorative Circles and Systems.


After Bordeaux and Paris, we are very happy to announce that Dominic Barter will be coming to Lyon, France. Dominic Barter lives in Brazil. In the 1990's, he initiated the Restorative Circles approach (Circulos Restaurativos) with residents of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, in order to provide a collective response to violence and injustice. This work has been acknowledged and supported by the Brazilian departments of Justice and Education and now extends to more than 25 countries. Whether in the field of justice or education, in the workplace, in militant or volunteering activities, in neighborhoods or in families, conflicts and the way we respond to them are often experienced as painful and unsatisfactory.

During this learning event, we will be given the opportunity to :

  • understand conflict in a systemical way, as a symptom of imbalance or lack within a community or an organization,
  • consider conflict in a stimulating and meaningful way as a potential for change and evolution at the heart of our lives, communities and organization,
  • come out of a punitive logic based on coercion and fear and go toward a restorative approach, based on restoring attachment, meaning, integrity and self-responsibility,
  • learn how to set up the necessary conditions to manage conflict in a way that is respectful, safe, responsible and satisfactory for everyone,
  • experiment with how to support the setup of this system designed to respond to conflicts within our networks and organizations.

We are looking forward to participating to this learning event and meeting you there!
The Restorative Circles practice group in Lyon


  • Friday, January 23rd 2015, in the evening - Interactive introduction - Open to everyone.
  • Saturday and Sunday January 24-25th - Introduction to Restorative Circles and Systems - 2 days. It is highly recommended to have attended the introductory event on Friday. - Interactive learning event. Discovery and practice of restorative circles.
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday January 26-28th - Broaden your knowledge about Restorative Circles facilitation and systems practice - Three days. Only open to people who attended the two-day introduction to Systems and Restorative Circles. - Interactive learning event.

Practical details

Registration is open.
Thank you for filling the registration form (as soon as possible), since it gives us an idea of how many people we can expect and organize the event accordingly.

Registration forme : here

Price: See below (Co-creating resources).

The venue and additional information will be communicated later.

If you want to offer or ask for an accomodation please fill in this form:

Propose or ask for accomodation : here

After your registration, we will organize contacts between people wishing to share their cars as well as those who have accommodation requests and offers.

Co-creating the necessary resources for this event and this work

Dominic Barter and his colleagues consider this work as a common good and want to make it accessible to all. From the very beginning, access to this work has been offered freely as an opportunity for sharing, learning and contribution to communities. Similarly, all projects aimed at sharing and developing the practice of Restorative Circles as well as Dominic's livelihood and that of his growing number of colleagues are supported by donations from people and organizations that wish to support this work.

During this learning event, we will call for your financial support for the organization of this event and ask you to contribute, if you wish, to the continued sharing of this work. For this purpose, and to bring clarity, we will publish the costs of the event (organization, venue, Dominic's travel from Brazil…) and invite all of you who wish to contribute to make a donation*.
* according to everyone's willingness and means.

The Restorative Circles practice group in Lyon

Questions and contact


  • rencontre2015lyon(at)

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